All New Game Components

Game Board

For those who have played and/or are familiar with Endeavor, you’ll recognize that all of the core elements are still in place, but they’ve been given new life with updated icons that really pop. As well, the regional crests are evocative but also hearken back to the original Endeavor. On this new board,  the connections between regions are different; there are token-free square connections in Europe, and the visibility of the shipping lanes has been enhanced. There are more cities in almost every region, as well as more two-point cities. There are now Trade Routes (the ships in the ocean). This means that there are three new places to ship to. With all of these changes, imagine the possibilities!!

Player Board

Our new player board is incredible. We've changed it from utility, to a work of art. It was beautiful in the first edition of Endeavor. But now, it is exquisite!!


• A flow-of-play chart down the top left which reminds you just how smooth gameplay is
• Faint callout wedges that point from the flow to the relevant asset track
• Extra spaces on the asset tracks that will make those occasional overages easier to manage
• The Colonial House isn't printed on the board anymore; this is because players can now choose between the Colonial House and a new Merchant Dock as their starting structure, creating new paths to success!

Building Tiles

In each round of Endeavor, players construct a Building to bolster their empire. Buildings are placed on the player boards and used throughout the game. While the function of the buildings is still the same, the art for all of them has changed.

Trade Tokens

The Trade Tokens are very similar to what they were in the first edition of Endeavor. We did this so that those of you who are familiar with the game will have no trouble adjusting. Although they are similar, they were beautifully freshened up!

Starting Player Marker

You may remember the original Endeavor first player marker as a chunky wooden yellow crown. This 3D figure is what we aim to have as our first player marker for Endeavor: Age of Sail. We have yet to choose a color for the crown, so what you are seeing is a mock up.