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Endeavor: Age of Expansion Level 5 Buildings

This is it! These are the big ones. For weeks, we’ve been looking at the new Buildings from from the upcoming Endeavor: Age of Expansion. Today, we get to talk about the Level 5 options. If you’ve made it here, you’ve done something right. Each of these structures can give you an incredible boost. Getting your hands on one of them can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Kickstarter for Age of Expansion is only one week away on June 18. As always, we’ll check out the benefits each Building provides and how they can be useful in the game.


The Level 5 Buildings offer some serious boosts, but none more than the Basilica. Acquiring this Building will move you up two spaces on the Influence track AND two spaces on the Population track. Especially considering you’ll be getting it near the end of the game, it’s a huge asset. As an action, the Basilica is the second Building that provides the Trade action. This can be critically important to allow you to exchange tokens you’ve collected with ones still on the board. Late in the game, it can push you into another point tier on one of your tracks, or give you a desperately needed extra action. For its immediate and ongoing benefits, you really can’t go wrong getting your hands on this Building.


There is no track boosts associated with the Admiralty, but the actions it provides will more than make up for that. This is second Building that uses the Conscription and Mobilization actions, but it does it much more effectively than the Naval Academy. Each Population Growth phase, two workers are conscripted to the Admiralty. During the Action phase, those workers can then be mobilized in addition to a normal action. Even better, you can choose to use them for either a Ship action or an Attack. Depending on the game state, both can be really helpful, but the ability to choose is priceless. It’s like having two bonus actions that can both be used in two different ways. That’s the kind of power that builds an empire that can last for generations.


The Mint provides you with money, lots of it. When you construct the Mint, you immediately move three spaces up the Wealth track. A boost like that can be worth a bunch of points, but it can also allow you to pay more workers late in the game and free up action spaces. This translates into more dynamic turns later in the game. As an action, the Mint allows you to Draw a card. That may seem modest, but another opportunity to grab cards can mean big points for you.

We have had a lot of fun breaking down the new Buildings in Age of Expansion. It’s incredible how successfully Jarratt Gray has retained the experience of playing Endeavor, while introducing new challenges and strategies. In our next article, we’ll be taking a look at the all new Asset cards in Age of Expansion.

Of course, there will be more Level 5 Buildings in the expansion, but hey, we have to save something for the campaign. Check out our previous articles if you missed any and be sure to follow us in Facebook and Twitter for all the information on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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