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$102CAD     $78USD


Pre-order the coveted Endeavor: Age of Sail + The Charter Co. Mini-Expansion for pick-up at PAX Unplugged only! 


**If your game is not picked up during PAX Unplugged 2018, you will be responsible for any and all shipping costs incurred.

Endeavor: Age of Sail

  • This game comes with all of the components of the retail version of Endeavor: Age of Sail + The Charter Companies mini-expansion. 


    Your game will include:

    1 Double-sided game board

    95 Trade tokens

    49 Building tiles

    5 Start Building tiles

    42 Asset cards

    6 Governor cards

    5 Player mats

    175 wooden Population discs

    20 wooden Status Track cubes

    1 Crown (active player marker)

    1 Card Glossary

    1 Score Pad

    4 Track Extenders

    15 Exploit tiles

    6 wooden Exploit Keys

    15 wooden Exploit Shields

    6 Cannon tokens

    1 Pirate Ship standee with stand

    9 Blockade tokens

    10 wooden Fortifications

    5 wooden Missionaries

    5 Share tokens

    8 Galleon tokens

    5 Freedom tokens

    8 Transit tokens

    1 Main Rulebook in English

    1 Exploits Rulebook in English

    5 Player storage trays

    1 Building Market storage tray

    1 Main storage tray